A Bone of Fact

A Bone of Fact

David Walsh     Recommended by Jasmine    

memoir / art history

The enigmatic owner of world-class art museum MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) unleashes his autobiography upon the world.

David Walsh lets us into his family background, along with his formative years as a maths- genius turned uni-dropout/public servant, turned gambler – come art collector. This is an engaging read, and while you won’t get any tips on how to win millions on horses, you will get a sense of the currents which grip Walsh’s mind. His energy and verve, tenacity and precociousness make for some funny stories, and his love of literature and philosophy will make your own mind wonder. A great book for art collectors and anyone who might want to visit Tasmania.

(Quote from David Walsh on Bone of Fact): “By some great good fortune (mine, not yours) you hold in your hands my story, credible I think, but not extraordinary (despite what those avaricious publishers might have you believe). I have captured your attention: maybe you have some resonance with Mona, or maybe good graphical design partly seized your day. To extract 55 bucks from you I need to say something clever, but I can’t think of anything.”

Picador, RRP $55

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