Mrs. Bridge

Evan S. Connell     Recommended by Anne    


This is one of the best of the ‘best books you’ve never read’. The superlative Mrs. Bridge was first published in 1959, and in a series of vignettes, describes the placid life of a respectable Kansas City housewife. India Bridge, never able to ‘get used’ to her exotic first name, passes her days shopping, managing her staff and raising her family. As time passes she has occasional chilly glimpses into what can only be a sense of mortality. Her children grow older and more bewildering, her husband habitually distant, her friends sometimes surprise her – it could be a howlingly sad book like Revolutionary Road, if it weren’t so funny. Skillful, subtle and skewers middle-class values like a cocktail sausage.

Penguin Books 1959 / reissued 2012

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