The Nancys

R.W.R. McDonald     Recommended by Kristy    


The Nancy’s by RWR McDonald  is a heart-warming, thrilling murder mystery.  At once innocent and wicked, this is a truly delightful read.

Tippy Chan is eleven years old when her father dies leaving her and her mother to struggle on in small town New Zealand. When her Mum wins a cruise, Tippy’s Uncle Pike, comes to look after her bringing his new boyfriend Devon, an up and coming fashion designer.

Whilst Tippy is delighted to see her Uncle she is unsettled by a friend’s accident and a murder. Tippy and her uncle, inspired by their mutual love of Nancy Drew decide that they, along with a reluctant Devon,  will solve the crime before her mother’s return.  And they will look fabulous while they do it.

Allen & Unwin 2019

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