book cover titled Truganini with a picture of a seaweed filled seashore

Truganini: Journey through the apocalypse

Cassandra Pybus     Recommended by Alan    

Australian History 

An outstanding non-fiction new release, Truganini details the life story of the Nuenonne woman who saw the almost complete extermination of her people over the seven decades of her life. Professor Cassandra Pybus would hear her ancestors recount the story of the lone Aboriginal woman who would cross over their part of Bruny island without realizing as a child what a pivotal part of history Truganini had played in. As a child. Truganini saw the first contact with white colonizers, and then an extreme cultural shift and the devastation of her people.

Using eyewitness accounts and testimony, Pybus creates a narrative history which is respectful, readable and very affecting.

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