book cover with old-fashioned typeset lettering reading This Is Happiness

This Is Happiness

Niall WIlliams     Recommended by    


In a far flung rural community, the residents of Faha wait for the endlessly postponed arrival of electricity, a change which will alter a way of life unaltered for centuries.

This is Happiness, like Williams’ previous novel, History of the Rain is writing of the highest quality.  It is deeply revealing of the Irish psyche, with the history of their relationship with England, their religious history and their constant battle with rainy weather, all playing a part.  Williams’ writing is sympathetic, good-natured and full of gentle humour.

Weaving together the stories of his characters, the author makes a luminous portrait of a place; earthy, magical, humourous, as small and as large as the stories of those that live there.

Bloomsbury Publishing 2019


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