BOOK LAUNCH: The Worst Woman in Sydney: The Life and Crimes of Kate Leigh

6.30pm    02nd Aug 2016    Bar Orient 

You are invited to the launch of The Worst Woman in Sydney: The Life and Crimes of Kate Leigh by Leigh Straw, hosted by New Edition Bookshop and Newsouth Books.

‘Matriarch of the criminal underworld … or the Robin Hood of inner Sydney?

The legend of Kate Leigh, Sydney’s famed brothel madam, sly grog seller and drug dealer, has loomed large in TV’s Underbelly and every other account of Sydney’s criminal history from the 1920s to the 1960s. But she has never had a biography of her own.

Despite having more than 100 criminal convictions to her name, Kate Leigh is also remembered as a local hero, giving money to needy families and supporting her local community through the hard times of Depression and war. Here, novelist and historian Leigh Straw teases out the full story of how this wayward Reformatory girl from Dubbo made a fortune in eastern Sydney and defied the gender stereotyping of the time to become a leading underworld figure.’

WHEN: 6:30pm, Tuesday August 2, 2016
WHERE: Bar Orient, Corner of High St & Henry St, Fremantle
Please RSVP to to secure your place.

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